​Jens Jurgen (Wegscheider), the owner of several great travel industry domain names currently for sale has 50+ years of experience as a travel consultant, tour director and travel writer/editor. He also managed a large charter flight club and in 1982 founded the first and most famous travel partner matching service -  TravelCompanionExchange (TCE)* which he managed until retirement.

*You could search Wikipedia.org  for Travel Companion Exchange for some of the countless newspaper and magazine articles written in the past about Jens Jurgen and/or TCE.

In 1967 he self-published a best-selling “Guide to Air Charter Groups and Air Travel Bargains”; and later - annual editions of Jens Jurgen’s “Charter Flight Directory.”

As quickly as he could have them printed they were mentioned in most major newspapers, like The New York Times, Boston Globe, etc. and many magazines like Business Week. Jens became a frequent guest on Nationwide TV News shows and Radio programs. His other books: "How To Fly For Less", the "Air Travel & Charter Flight Handbook", "1001 Sources for FREE Travel Information".

His books and booklets sold over 120,000 copies; copies in public libraries were often quickly stolen. Jens also wrote for several magazines, like Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel.  The late Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy asked him to be an expert witness before a US Senate Sub-Committee  holding hearings on air travel matters, leading later to Airline Deregulation. Even Consumer Union paid him for his expertise  on the complexity of getting the best air fare deals.

This was all before the Internet, and search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Jens Jurgen also wrote a best-selling booklet "Foiling Pickpockets & Other Travel-Related Scams". His newsletter "Travel -Companions", published until 2003, was often praised in newspaper travel sections, like Newsday, as one of the three best consumer-oriented travel publications.

Now retired, he is offering a number of sought-after dot-com Travel, Dating & SharingaHome domain names he still owned for sale at reasonable prices. 

Ideal business opportunities for social networking, cruise lines, hotels, airlines and other travel-booking websites, travel or dating-related startups with more website/apps development skills than he has.

Why is the domain  Partner2Travel.com for Sale?

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